Dunkin' Joyful Spaces

Dunkin’ Joyful Spaces brings the joy of play and healing to kids battling illness and their families. 


Hospital and health centers are often very sterile environments and children’s hospitals across the country are working hard to develop and maintain spaces that make a hospital stay more joyful and kid-friendly. Dunkin’ Joyful Spaces is helping hospitals and health centers create and revitalize places for kids and their families to escape the traditional hospital setting while undergoing care.  These kid friendly spaces include community gardens, playgrounds and playrooms.  Newly launched in 2022, this program has granted over 10 Dunkin' Joyful Spaces to date.

The deadline to apply in 2024 will be June 12, 2024. Grant decisions will be announced in September of 2024. Applications submitted after June 12th will be reviewed in 2025. 

Dunkin' Joyful Spaces FAQ