Signature Impact Programs

Signature Impact Programs provide hospitals and community health centers with programs that have long lasting impact on kids and families. Currently, the Joy in Childhood Foundation has four Signature Programs that help bring joy to kids of all ages.

Dogs for Joy™

Our Dogs for Joy™ program is helping bring the joy of dogs to kids undergoing treatment for an illness or injury. Research shows that animal assisted therapy can have a significant positive impact on patient pain and recovery and the Dunkin' Joy in Childhood Foundation is working to increase the number of in-resident dogs in hospitals across the country.  Dogs for Joy™ differ from volunteer dogs that visit a hospital for short periods of time. These special pups work full-time along side their human handler to provide emotional and physical support of patients and are a critical part of a child’s care team.

Dunkin' Prom

The Dunkin' Prom program provides a prom night experience for teenage patients who due to illness and treatment may miss out on their school prom event. The Dunkin' Joy team works with hospital partners to create an unforgettable prom night experience for kids complete with a unique theme, event space, food, entertainment, photographers, formal wear for patients and of course- donuts!

Dunkin’ Connecting Joy

The Dunkin' Connecting Joy program helps bring comprehensive gaming programs to hospitals.  Gaming is an excellent way to help kids who are hospitalized stay engaged in a fun activity that meets all energy and ability levels. This grant program supports hospitals with equipment, staffing, connectivity, and other needs so that kids can enjoy gaming experiences at their bedside and even play with family and friends back home.

Dunkin’ Joyful Spaces

Hospitals and community health centers are often very sterile environments and children’s hospitals across the country are working hard to develop and maintain spaces that make a hospital stay more joyful and kid-friendly. Dunkin’ Joyful Spaces launched in 2022 with the intent of helping hospitals and health centers create and update spaces for kids and their families to escape the traditional hospital setting and enjoy a community garden, playground or playroom.